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Verway Refresh Cooling Spray

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Verway Refresh Cooling Spray

Pure cooling with the refreshing blend of mint and lime. The portable air conditioning as a freshness kick for in between. Fits in any beach bag. Especially on hot summer days, after sports or sauna a wonderfully fragrant refreshment for your skin and your senses. Enjoy the light summer breeze and stay fresh!

Content: 150 ml
9,27 € /100ml

FAQs & Product Information > Refresh Cooling Spray
How do I use VERWAY ReFresh?

VERWAY ReFresh is like your portable air conditioner for a cooling down in between. VERWAY ReFresh fits in every beach, sports and office bag and is easy to use.

Spray VERWAY ReFresh onto the skin at a distance of approx. 20-30 cm according to feel.

You can also spray VERWAY ReFresh into the face. Please take care to avoid eye contact in general.

Thanks to the specially balanced formula, you will experience a pleasant refreshment for your skin and a pleasant breeze of wellness through the pleasant fragrance.

"Staying cool is all about being groomed with VERWAY ReFresh".

What are the main active ingredients in VERWAY ReFresh?

With VERWAY ReFresh you will experience a wonderfully fragrant and cooling refreshment for your skin and your senses.

The main active ingredients in VERWAY ReFresh are:

  • Menthol…
    … for a cooling and refreshing effect.

  • Mint oil
    …for a cooling and refreshing effect.

  • Essential oils …
    …  for a pleasant fresh citrus scent.
    For Instance
    Limonene = natural and obtained from citrus fruits.
    Citronellol = natural and obtained from geraniums, roses and lemongrass. 

  • Aloe Vera…
    … for a skin balancing, hydrating and hydrating effect.


"VERWAY ReFresh - refreshing, cooling skin care, like a summer breeze!


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