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MSP 40 Professional Air Purifier Filter

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MSP 40 Professional Air Purifier up to 40m³- with Tripleshield, Pre-Filter, Active Carbon and with HEPA13 filter. Extremely quiet air purifier - effective against viruses & aerosols​. Monitors the air quality with AirQSense!

Possible area of use: Waiting rooms, treatment rooms, service areas, pharmacies, private households, bars, restaurants, pubs, trade fairs, retirement and nursing homes, hospitals, shared accommodation, studios, laboratories, exhibition rooms, apartments, classrooms, seminar rooms, offices, sports facilities & fitness studios, wellness areas, changing rooms, up to 40m³, etc.


THE MULTIFUNCTIONAL SMART PURIFIER REPRESENTS a new generation of air disinfection!
With Triple Shield technology, the Multifunctional Intelligent Purifier integrates three types of sterilization in a particularly effective complete package. Using Hepa filters, activated carbon filters, pre-filters, UV-C and plasma technologies, our exclusive air disinfection system ensures maximum air disinfection. The effectiveness of the MSP air disinfection device has been tested in test cycles in independent laboratories with viruses, bacteria, dust and formaldehyde (= odors). The degree of separation of the entire system has been laboratory tested with> 99.99%.
AIR PURIFICATION: Filtering of particles from the air.
AIR DISINFECTION: Deactivation of infectious germs in the air.

With the AirQSense technology, MSP air disinfection devices offer intelligent control of all devices. Sensors continuously measure the air quality and adjust the cleaning performance. The MSP air disinfection devices also show the current air quality in color.

* PARTICLE SENSOR PM2.5 (FINE DUST): Measures the fine dust and particle pollution in the air and gives the controls an impulse so that the ventilation program adapts intelligently to the environment.
* POLLUTION SENSOR TVOC (GASES) (not available on all devices).
* Detects ozone, formaldehyde and alcohol in room air and gives the control an impulse to start the ventilation program to adapt intelligently to the current air quality.

With the TripleShield technology, the MSP Air Purifier Devices integrate three disinfection solutions for a particularly effective complete package. With the help of HEPA filters, UV-C and plasma, MSP air disinfection devices provide a maximum air disinfection of 99.9%.

1. Pre-Filter:
It is used for general filtering of coarse dirt, such as Pet hair, lint, coarse dust to reduce contamination of the HEPA filter. The pre-filter can be cleaned at any time (vacuumed or washed off, depending on the model).

2. HEPA Filter (HEPA = High-Efficiency Particulate Air/Arrestance)
HEPA filters are selected filters for separating suspended dust from the air. They filter particles with an aerodynamic size smaller than 0.1 µm, e.g.  bacteria and viruses, pollen, mite eggs and traces, dusts, aerosols and smoke particles. The filters are approved according to EN 1822 and ISO 29463.

3. Active Carbon:
Activated Carbon filters are used to purify gases and smells. Components that have not been oxidized up to this point are absorbed in the activated carbon, retained and oxidized there.

4. UV-C Technology:
The high-energy UV-C light triggers a photochemical reaction, and in combination with a TiO₂ photocatalyst it destroys the genetic material of viruses, bacteria and fungi. This reduces the infectious potential or the possibility of germs to multiply. TiO2 photocatalysts are metal grids that are coated with titanium dioxide in nano thickness. They are right in front of the UV lamp.

5. Plasma:
It generates a static charge of the smallest particles, which lead to their clumping so that they can be filtered.

* Suitable for small amounts of air
* 4 Power levels
* Reliable inactivation of viruses, bacteria and mould spores
* Effective removal of pollutants from the air
* Automatic adjustment of the cleaning performance to the measured air quality
Air Quality Display:
* Blue –  Optimal Air Quality
* Green – Good Air quality
* Red – Very bad Air quality
Sleep Mode:
For operation during the night, the lighting switches off and the fan only uses the quietest level.

A pre-filter combined with a HEPA H-13 filter removes particles from the room air.

1 Sensor:
The MSP AP-40 measures the air quality with the help of a sensor (PM 2.5) and intelligently adjusts the cleaning performance.

The MSP AP-40 effectively neutralizes odors and harmful gases using an activated carbon filter.

Auto Modus:
In automatic mode, the MSP AP-40 controls its cleaning performance based on the measurement data from the sensors.

UVC light in combination with a TiO2 filter destroys the genetic material of viruses, bacteria and fungi and thus eliminates the infectious potential or the possibility of germs to multiply.
The effectiveness of the MSP air disinfection devices has been tested in scientific test cycles in independent laboratories with viruses, bacteria, dust and formaldehyde (smells). The degree of separation of the entire system was tested in the laboratory with> 99.99%. SGS (headquarters in Switzerland), is the world's leading Inspection, verification, testing and certification company. The SGS network consists of more than 2,600 offices and laboratories worldwide and more than 89,000 employees. The Guangdong Institute of Microbiology (GDIM) researches and tests in the fields of microbiology, environmental science and materials science. The institute was founded in 1964 and is one of the leading institutes in the field of microbiology and is recognized in medical circles around the world. 

Air disinfection systems are used wherever there is need for quality room air. Pollutants are reliably removed, the risk of infection through effective inactivation of viruses and other germs in the air is significantly reduced. MSP air disinfection devices are suitable for areas with a high and variable audience as they adapt based on sensors. In order to achieve an optimal disinfection result, each environment must be individually judged and rated. The number of air changes per hour plays an important role here. Three air changes per hour are required for areas at rest, six to ten air changes for areas with public traffic or increased activity (e.g. sports facilities). In addition to the volume (base area x actual room height) we also have to include furnishings that may affect the air flow.

MSP air disinfection devices can be used for people with allergies to pollen or dust and bring a noticeable relief. MSP air disinfection devices can filter asthma-causing allergens and pollutants to a large extent from the room air. MSP air disinfection devices can greatly reduce unpleasant smells indoors. Mold and tobacco smoke also give off odors that often cannot be adequately removed even by ventilation. Not only does it eliminate unpleasant odors, they also bind harmful substances in the filters.

Technical Information:
Dimensions: 620 x 391 x 227 mm
Weight: 8,5 kg
Air Volumn: 320m³/h
Power: 60 W
Suitable for rooms up to 40m³
Child Safety Mode

Power cord
Remote control
Operation manual

Loudness (measured, 1 m/90°)
Level 1: 35 dB
Level 2: 37 dB
Level 3: 48 dB
Level 4: 51 dB

UV- & Filter-Change ca. 8000 h


SGS Certificate Download 
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Pdf

UV-C-Light - 15,90€
PRE/HEPA13-FILTER - 49,90€

Guarantee: 2 years.

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