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Verway Pro Clean Set

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Verway Pro Clean Concentrate 1 Litre Bottle plus 1 x Aluminium Spray Bottle.

Finally a cleaner for everything!

The universally applicable power cleansing gel with aromatic fragrance removes dirt gently and quickly
on almost all surfaces. Biodegradable, environmentally friendly and without harmful solvents.

Make room in your cleaning cupboard! Cleaning has never been so easy. High performance concentrate with excellent
cleaning results through innovative, natural ingredients from renewable raw materials.
Suitable for almost all areas and surfaces. Label-free according to CLP.

The universally applicable power cleaning gel gently and quickly dissolves oils, greases and general dirt on almost all surfaces and in all areas, such as bathroom, kitchen, oven, bath, sanitary, floors, windows, furniture, ceramics, tiles, parquet, car, boat, motorcycle, caravan, garage, machinery, wheel rims, garden furniture, etc.

Innovative cleaning with the power of nature - multifunctional, environmentally friendly, all-natural cleanser.

Product highlights:
- Made from renewable raw materials
- Innovative cleaning with the power of nature
- Ecologically degradable
- Innovative, natural surfactants
- No labeling according to CLP
- Guarantor for environmental compatibility
- High-power performance concentrate

- Ready to use for use with the heaviest soiling. Spray on, leave for a few minutes, wipe off with warm water.
- Normal use 1:300.
- Light use e.g. only 1 pump in 1 l of warm water. 

Content: 1000 ml + 1 x Aluminium Spray Bottle.
18,90 € / 1liter​

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Product Video with english subtitles. 

Application: Ready to use for heaviest soiling. For light soiling, dilute to 1: 300 with water. Spray on, leave on, wipe off.
For use in the food industry: rinse surface with water after cleaning.
For aluminum: carry out compatibility test.
Protect from frost.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Sugar beet
- sugar cane
- coconut
- Grapefruit
- Mukorossi (soapnut tree)
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