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Air Purifier MSP

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The Multifunctional Smart Purifier represents a new generation of air disinfection! With Triple Shield technology, the Multifunctional Intelligent Purifier integrates three types of sterilization in a particularly effective complete package. Using Hepa filters, activated carbon filters, pre-filters, UV-C and plasma technologies, our exclusive air disinfection system ensures maximum air disinfection.
The effectiveness of the MSP air disinfection device has been tested in test cycles in independent laboratories with viruses, bacteria, dust and formaldehyde (= odors). The degree of separation of the entire system has been laboratory tested with> 99.99%.
VERWAY MSP Technology

It is used for general filtering of coarse dirt, such as animal hair, lint, coarse dust, to reduce contamination of the HEPA filter. The pre-filter can be cleaned (vacuumed or washed) every three to six months.
Measures fine dust and particulate pollution in the air and gives the control a boost to intelligently adapt the ventilation program to its environment.

Activated carbon filters, also called carbon filters, are used to clean gases and odors. Compounds which have not yet been oxidized are absorbed in the activated carbon, retained and caused to oxidize there.

It creates a static charge of tiny particles which lead to their clumping so that they can be filtered.

With AirQSense technology, the Smart Purifier offers intelligent control of all devices. Two independent sensors continuously measure air quality and efficiently adjust cleaning performance. The MSP also shows in color how the current air quality behaves.

High energy UV-C light triggers a photochemical reaction and in combination with a TiO₂ filter, it destroys the genetic material of viruses, bacteria, fungi and thus eliminates the infectious potential or the possibility of multiplication. TiO2 filters (titanium dioxide filters) are metallic filters coated with nanolayer titanium dioxide. They are right in front of the UV lamp.

(HEPA = High-Efficiency Particulate Air / Arrestance) HEPA filters are purely mechanical filters for separating suspended matter from the air. They filter particles with an aerodynamic diameter of less than 0.1 µm, for example bacteria and viruses, pollen, mite eggs and excretions, dust, aerosols and smoke particles.

Measures the CO₂ content and detects ozone, formaldehyde and alcohols in the ambient air and gives the control a boost to intelligently adapt the ventilation program to the current air quality.

SGS, with administrative headquarters in Switzerland, is the world leader in inspection, verification, testing and certification. The SGS network includes more than 2,600 branches and laboratories around the world and more than 89,000 employees. The Guangdong Institute of Microbiology (GDIM) conducts research and testing in the fields of microbiology, environmental science and materials. The institute was founded in 1964 and is one of the leading institutes in the field of microbiology and is recognized worldwide in medical circles.

Air disinfection systems are used wherever ambient air quality is important.
Pollutants are removed reliably and the risk of infection is greatly reduced by effectively inactivating viruses in the air. MSP” air disinfection devices are suitable for areas with large numbers of visitors. In order to achieve an optimal disinfection result, each environment must be evaluated individually. The amount of air change per hour plays an important role. Three air changes are recommended for quiet areas, six to ten in areas with public traffic or increased activity (eg sports facilities). In addition to the volume (floor space x actual room height), an optimal calculation also includes furniture that influences the air flow. MSP devices can provide relief from allergies to pollen or dust and can filter most allergens and pollutants that cause asthma from the air.
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