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Water is of fundamental importance for humans as the human body itself is two-thirds water.
VERWAY DTX DRINK is made up of a high-quality mixture of various spring waters from the highest regions in the Bavarian national park – purified with ancient, pure glacial water. The recipe was combined with pure salts from twelve different countries from three continents – a perfect recipe for more well-being. The product has been checked by renowned laboratories such as Quality Labs. Kinetic tests have been carried out using different test bacterial strains to provide an overview of the sanitising effect.

An improper diet, physical inactivity, environmental toxins, stress and diet can contribute to an
imbalance in the acid-base balance of our bodies. Our bodies need a certain amount of minerals each day to ensure that the metabolic
processes and the immune system function properly to preserve our health and well-being. The human body is about 70% water. 
Get your water balance in order. BUY NOW
VERWAY DTX SKIN is an universal cosmetic product (spray) for your body and face.
Experience has shown that external essences positively support medical treatments and therapies.
Applying DTX SKIN several times a day contributes to the special care of your skin. Its hexagonal structure allows VERWAY DTX SKIN 
to attach itself directly to your skin cells and connect to them.
DTX SKIN fills the skin cells with new life! BUY NOW

17.04.18 Mr. F.
I've just read through the documents with the testimonials Amazing, Amazing, Amazing, and so far I have always done well with Cistus, awesome. 

04.05.18 Mrs. B.
Name: Mrs. B Age: 35 years Occupation: Zumba Instructor, Happy-diet Coach. What complaints? Since I give Zumba lessons 2-3 hours daily, I always had the problem that my shoulders were permanently cramped and I always had pain when I was in bed. I took a long time to get to sleep because of the pain. And from this tension I often had very strong headaches. In the morning I was not so fit, I needed a bit of time to really wake up. What has changed since taking DTX? Today is my 10th day with DETOX and I'm really overjoyed. I think I'm the only one in the family who really likes the DETOX and I really enjoy it. Every morning I'm looking forward to it. After taking the first 30ml within 30 min I had no more pain, which was just unbelievable. It feels like someone took off the heavy stones that were on my shoulders. In addition, I notice in Zumba that I have more energy. 1 hour of Zumba now passes just like that... crazy! I also walk a lot and realize that I now have more power to run. I'm more than THANKFUL, I used to take a lot of supplements, but there's never been anything like DETOX from Verway. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Many of my Zumba ladies and friends and acquaintances have now tried it and the feedback is amazing.,
05.05.18 Mrs. B. Result after 12 days.
I suffered a lot in the first week. - body aches - strong cough - My cellulite on my legs was extremely painful. Since a few days I feel just top fit - My skin is getting better every day - my legs no longer hurt so much - I am fit - have the feeling that my teeth look whiter. Hmmmm. To keep a long story short, I'M EXCITED. Sincerely
14.05.18 Mrs. F.
 No side effects. It even tastes good after a week and I have a lot more energy. looking forward to more positive effects!
17.05.18 Johann R. 
Name: Johann R. Age: 58 years Occupation: Retired. What complaints do you have? Irritable bowel, inflamatory bowel disease. Since when have you had those complaints? I have had problems with my digestion for decades. Do you take painkillers? If so, strong or weak? Which and how often? Painkillers and medicines for my intestines. How have the pains become noticeable in everyday life? As soon as I ate something wrong, I got very strong stomach cramps. In some cases, I even had to miss parties or family celebrations because I was not feeling well. I have always had to pay close attention to my diet. What has changed physically since taking it? Since I drink the DTX water, I have no more stomach pain or cramps. I also don't need to take stomach medications anymore. I had no initial deterioration and no negative abnormalities. I can eat normally again. When walking, I don't get stomach cramps. Thanks VERWAY DETOX. It took three or four weeks for a change to occur.
31.05.18 And again a great report from an enthusiastic customer.
Hello, Today I (Sandra R.) would like to make a little report from myself and my partner (Stefanie) with the magic potion Detox! About me, short version: I had almost 6 years ago 6 herniated discs, "broken knees" always problems with hypertension and then overweight, before my stomach OP last summer, always pain and joint problems! Since August I have halved my weight through the OP and weigh currently 57 kg – but still pain especially HWS and shoulder – my movement was limited by it and with every movement pain! Of course, I have smiled at Detox - how could it be - again a potion that helps! I've taken it in the evening before going to bed and what can I say? I was able to sleep through and in the morning, I got up and my pain was gone! I could move my arm, turn my head to the left and right without pain and without restriction! That's impossible! All from detox? Yes, it works faster and better than anything else I have ever tried and especially what my doctor has prescribed me! Even if it tastes really bad, I continue to take it, because my quality of life is priceless and we can argue about taste. I love detox! To Steffi: I'll call it light Eczema (- psoriasis) and plagued with endometriosis plus the corresponding side effects of irritable bowel syndrome - cannot eat everything and the side effects of medicine, including cortisone cream, where do I start! I have (just out of shame) "just" a picture of her belly button - pictures say more than a thousand words: Today she stops taking medicine and the cortisone cream has become just a dust catcher! Although she has very strong gagging, as soon as she smells detox, she swallows it and fights against the chlor-tasting aftertaste and says with moist eyes - much better and healthier than Cortisone & Co!
A pleased customer about her experiences with DETOX! "Now I’ve been taking Detox for about 5 weeks! ️ It's amazing how it works on all my health problems bit by bit. First it was the sinuses, the hip, my gut, and the kidneys. After two days my kidneys were properly flushed. Then the hormones came on. For 24 years I have had a chronic gynecological disease - endometriosis. I was put into menopause, got hormones all these years, had some operations. That made me feel completely dulled emotionally. And through the many surgeries and the adhesions my intestines were overwrought. The result was irritable bowel syndrome and intolerances. So far, I have kept it at bay with Colostrum. But since I take DETOX, I can eat everything again. I eat cherries, marzipan, melon, kohlrabi without stomachache. My endometriosis has quietened down, I feel it now and then poking, so I know it is still there - and where it is. Feelings: My emotional world was out of control almost two weeks ago. Roller Coaster just like in pregnancy. (but I cannot be pregnant, everything is out) I now feel AGAIN, after 20 years of somehow losing myself. That scares me, but it's nice too! ️ Since everything else is as usual, I can only attribute it to the detox. As a non-smoker due to the sinus problems I have coughing for years every morning after showering and breakfast - annoying doctors were at a loss and could not change. Now it’s actually gone. No coughing in the morning for a little over a week. Funny, I'm always waiting for it and nothing happens".
08.06.18 And again a great report from a satisfied detox customer.
Rene G., 44 years from Naburg
Since an accident 5 years ago, I have shoulder and headaches and because of the high dose of painkillers, I had no motivation and was completely unpowered, accompanied by constant fatigue which again led to complete lack of energy. Due to the pain, I took ibuprofen 600-800 mg 4 to 5 times a day which, in my opinion, robbed me of energy in the long term. Since taking DETOX, I have again significantly more energy, more performance in sports, need less sleep and no more pain! Life finally feels great again! THANK YOU! Verway Detox.
24.06.18 And again a wonderful report by an enthusiastic detoxer.
Hello. My life has changed and the detox accompanies me everywhere. I'll try to make a short story. I started to take the detox regarding my back pain in the lower area, which I have had for years, and movement restrictions in the foot due to a torn ligament. In addition, so many things have changed without me having thought of it before, as I was thinking only about my foot and especially my back. Back pain: For 10 years I have been treated by my alternative practitioner and live without the pharmaceutical industry. With additional sports I had the back problems more or less under control. Lt. After 14 days of detox, my back was as good as it was years ago. Ligament extension in October 2017: Incidentally, I have more mobility in my foot again, I am convinced that the remaining pain in certain positions, for example, the squat in the foot even go away. Eating behavior: I no longer have the desire for something sweet all the time. Sleep: I needed about 8 to 9 hours of sleep before the detox to be fit. Now I have about 6 to 7 hours and I am fit in the morning. And I fall asleep very quickly in the evening, sometimes even wake up in front of the alarm clock. Skin: I have always had very dry feet. I do not have that much anymore. Sports: In January after the torn ligament I started with Body pump (full body barbell training). My weight increased normally after 12 weeks and now I was able to do this after 8 weeks. I also dance hip-hop. My condition has increased faster than usual. Body: From October to January, I gained 10KG, which I think has something to do with my ligaments. My eating habits went negative and I could not do any sports. It's hard for me to turn my diet back to healthy. This has not been a problem since May. And 5.5KG are down again. Sweating & hot Flushes: For years, I sweat sometimes less strong under the armpits, the temperatures are often no matter. In some cases, even wearing a knitted sweater was enough in winter. Strangely, it was better in warm temperatures. With a Micro Silver Deoroller I had this somewhat under control, this was my constant companion. Now this is no longer an issue. General: I feel healthier, fitter and more balanced. I am so incredibly happy that I cannot put it into words how happy I am to have the detox.
Mr. K.
I’ve been taking Detox now since 2months together with my wife and I have no more need for my painkillers. My wife has less trouble with her stomach and her other problems. So, try first and then judge after.
Mrs. T.
Verway Detox has significantly improved my pain. I had pain on the right shoulder blade since January 2016. I think I was with 3-4 different physiotherapists. Either it was better for a short time or not at all. I had been so used to my pain that I did not even notice that they were gone. Right now, I am pain free. Thank you, Verway Detox. Well, I know and it is clear that most people are acidified, and for this reason I’m overweight & can’t get rid of my 15 kg. The body is really very intelligent so it has the acids stored in my fat for buffering as protection. When I get my body back into the healthy basic range, it can let go of the fat. It doesn’t need it then anymore. I'm already changing my lifestyle with 80% basic food. VERWAY Detox has helped me unbelievably in this way. Love Kerstin from Berlin.
Mr Z.
I use it to deacidify the body. For weight reduction. As a basis so that the body can again absorb all vitamins and minerals.
Mrs. M.
I am thrilled by Detox, only the taste takes some getting used to. Since taking Detox, I have become fitter and more efficient, my skin has softened. I am full for longer and the cravings for chocolate have become less. No more muscle soreness from gardening. Verway DTX Hello, the taste will lessen as soon as your body is cleansed. I am still in the TEST PHASE, the taste needs getting used to.
Mrs. M.
I would like to use it to reduce my weight! There are only 5 kg to go thanks to DETOX.
Mrs. G.
Why do you lose weight? Or did you do something extra?
Verway Detox Mrs. G, our body is better off and can expel excess "garbage" better if you are detoxified.
Mr. K.
I would like to say to all here, with me and my wife it has helped in many things, reduced painkillers, more vitality, stomachache, etc. Sometimes it takes up to 3 months until it works, let’s be honest.

Mrs. A.
Hello Verway Detox. I take Detox for more than 30 days so amazed and satisfied, have certainly sold more than 50 bottles and still have not a single negative result. I have been suffering from hypertension for years with very severe headaches. Since taking detox, I do not need any painkillers and no more worries that I'll wake up with a headache. My muscle and joint pains have gotten much better... I wish Detox continued success. Thank you.

Mrs. L.
With DETOX, I always feel fitter and healthier. Ever since my second week, I have been observing daily how the problem areas are progressively processed and disappear. Remarkable!

Mr. W.
I sleep too often on my sofa and always had light back problems in the morning and not so restful sleep. With Verway Detox no more back problems and I’m better rested and fitter in the morning due to a deeper sleep! Thanks for this great product! Bjorn.

Mrs. U.
I’m a satisfied customer taking it every day and I feel a bit better every day, earlier I always sweated and that has waned. I'm happy my skin is getting better; the stomach is getting better and my knee pain is getting less.

Mrs. S.
By taking VERWAY DETOX a cyst on my cervix has gone. Also, I lost weight without diet. I still have some areas that I want to get a handle on with VERWAY DETOX. For me it is clear that it’s all due to VERWAY DETOX and I’ll continue to take it.

15.10.2018 A nice report was sent to our DTX product ambassador from Greece. Amazing 35 years old, menstrual cramps: VERWAY DTX DRINK.
Menstruation has been disturbed for years. It has caused me great problems, since it is a long time ago. I was permanently exhausted, and every time I tested the doctors, I realized that in patients with serious health problems, or even older people, they did not realize they were as immune as mine. But when they heard that menstruation lasted so many days, they said that this was a big problem for my organization and that all unpleasant consequences had their roots there. The truth is that in my grief in the past few years I have tried many solutions. But the problem remained. Since many women may have a similar problem, they certainly understand what I've been through. This year, my mother suggested detoxifying her. I started when I came to Athens, on our vacation, on the 20th of August. When I saw after so many years that the time this time only lasted 7 days, I did not believe it! I immediately called my mother and told her the amazing news! She did not believe it. She asked me if anything else had happened, but I told her that the only change I made in my life was withdrawal, I did not change anything else, I'm so sure that made a difference! What can I say, I'm really happy! This product is incredibly effective! Thank you company Verway and those who have created it and of course my mother who has proposed it to me! I will continue to take it and hope it will solve my problem permanently so that I can lead a normal life!
Detox Report No. 2 from Mrs. Y
Update to the first report. Congenital astigmatism.
Hello everybody, I have already reported on the mega successes of my younger daughter. Many wanted a feedback to the result of my older daughter.
Conclusion. On 9.10.2018 we had after 6 months our checkup appointment. The values were great. The eyes have gotten better and although we have not covered them for over 3 months the glasses are rarely worn at all. That is really a miracle. My oldest daughter is so happy and happy that this taping over the eye belongs to the past. According to the doctor, the glasses should be worn now and then in between so that it does not get worse. But we know 100% that this will not happen thanks to Detox. Thank you, VERWAY, Thanks to Team Detox for this great product. My daughter is Mega Galactic happy (that's what she says).
And again a breathtaking report of a satisfied 37-year-old detoxist:
For more than 3 years I have had to painfully torture myself to work every morning. Due to my job as a construction worker my two knees suffer accordingly, not to mention my back. Sleep disorders were the order of the day. I love my work, but I decided to throw the towel in and change my profession into the indoor service in order to have as far as possible a painless life again. A friend told me about the alleged miracle water "Verway-DTX-DRINK". I was very skeptical, but I let him talk me into it. Since the beginning of August, I take it 1x daily as recommended, and yes, what can I say, after about 2 weeks I noticed the first serious changes. My knees are now absolutely painless. From time to time a slight pulling in the back but I feel that is normal after hard physical work. My sleep has improved a lot, I am fitter and more rested. Which surprises me, even my heartburn is blown away since the third day. I won't have to change my job from master bricklayer anymore! I’m really amazed! Best regards Albert F.
A great story: so awesome and just for Christmas - just beautiful! I am so happy and I wish you all the best and a super beautiful pregnancy, how a life can change DTX rocks
Hello, I would like to share with you my experiences with DTX Drink and Skin, which is very emotional for me. For the last 6 years, my life has been very limited and disturbed because of constant hormonal imbalance. I regularly got vaginitis, fungal infections, etc. despite my tremendous precautions for my personal hygiene. I got a mycosis (fungal disease) twice a month, which lasted 1 to 2 weeks. My fiancé would have left quickly at the beginning. I have visited many specialists who have not found a solution for me. I have been using the DTX drink for 2 months, I have no more hormonal imbalance and my intimacy has become very happy. Now I use the DTX Skin for my intimate area and it is really very calming. Thank you very much for this product. "You gave me back my life as a woman." And the best part is that I've recently realized that I'm pregnant! I'm really happy because I get twins.
Many women don't dare to talk about these things. In the end you get sick. You offer women a chance to discreetly escape the dilemma! DTX is wonderful.
Thank you very much for your trust and your words!
New amazing story about and DTX. DTX keeps rocking    
Hello, I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome for 30 years. I take DTX since the summer. My bowel movement has normalized. This is like a miracle to me. I also had migraine twice a month. No more migraine attack for eight weeks now. I notice every week how my body is recovering more and more. The best product I have ever had.
A new story from France about our blockbuster DTX Skin products! DTX just keeps rocking.
The result of a client who suffered from Mycosis Pityriasis versicolor. The pictures show the fantastic change already after one month of using DTX Skin. 
Pityriasis versicolor is a common fungal infection of the uppermost layer of the skin!
Hello, my life has changed completely and the DTX accompanies me everywhere. I'll try to make a short story...I started taking the DTX for my back pain in the lower part that I have had for years and restrictions on the movement of the foot due to ligament strain. In addition, so many things have changed without me having thought of it before, as I was thinking only about my foot and especially my back.
Back pain:
For 10 years I have been with my naturopath and live without the pharmaceutical industry. With additional sports I had the back problems more or less under control. My condition, I have very stiff fascia. After 14 days of DTX my back was better than years ago.
Ligament extension since October 2017:
Incidentally, I have more mobility in my foot again, I am convinced that the remaining pain in certain positions e.g.
heel of my foot has also gone away.
Eating habits:
I no longer have the desire for something sweet all the time.
I needed about 8 to 9 hours of sleep before the DTX to be fit. Now I have about 6 to 7 hours and I am fit in the morning.
And I fall asleep very quickly in the evening, sometimes even wake up in front of the alarm clock.
I have always had very dry feet. I do not have that much anymore.
In January after the ligament stretches, I started with Body pump (full body barbell training).
I increased my weights normally after 12 weeks and now I was able to do this after 8 weeks. I also dance hip-hop.
My condition has increased faster than usual.
From October to January, I gained 10KG, which I think has something to do with my ligaments. My eating habits went negative and I could not do any sports.
It's hard for me to turn my diet back to healthy. Since May, this is not a problem. And I'm 5.5KG down again.
Sweating / temperature:
For years I sweat, sometimes less under the armpits, the temperatures are often no matter. In some cases, even a knit sweater was enough in winter. Strangely, it was better in warm temperatures. With a Micro Silver Deoroller I had this somewhat under control, this was my constant companion. Now this is no longer an issue.
I feel healthier, fitter and more balanced.
I am so incredibly happy that I cannot put into words how happy I am to have DTX.
Thank you, Mr. Schmid!
15.01.2019 Mrs. E.
Hello, I would like to share my experiences with DTX Drink here! My ailments were: calculus shoulder / impingement syndrome, higher blood pressure for 5 years, thrombosis, 
Plantar fibromatosis (lumps on the sole of the foot), chronic bowel problems, hot flushes with hair loss, periodontal disease, lumbar spine and the like. Sciatic pain after stiffening, fibromyalgia and circulatory disorders on the feet. Conclusion: after 3 months of using Detox DTX in combination with aloe vera: The intestinal discomfort is gone, the blood pressure back to normal, pain in the shoulders 90% has gone away, the knot on my foot is smaller, Hot flushes are gone and no more hair loss, LWS & Sciatica pain is gone, fibromyalgia is completely gone, periodontal disease characteristics disappeared & circulatory disorders too. Thrombosis no longer exists - even with prolonged sitting no discomfort - additional effect, my nails and hair grow extremely fast and last but not least, I had my current cold with a sore throat ONLY 2 days! I'm so excited about DTX and I'm grateful for this new quality of life.
Review of Verway DTX DRINK. My dad, 76, contracted colorectal cancer last year. After the surgery, he could not even climb the stairs. The blood levels were completely messed up. No blood value was within the normal range. He had no real appetite and his courage was barely there. One week after the operation, he finally started taking Verway DTX DRINK. He started the double diet for the first eight weeks (30 ml in the morning and 30 ml in the evening). Surprisingly, after only three days, he suddenly had an appetite for meat. He also liked bananas and oranges again. The first week he had to sweat a lot, especially at night, but at the same time, his life force came back step by step. He was able to climb the stairs to the bedroom alone one week after taking it. After a week he came to rehab, which lasted a total of three weeks. There he was getting better every day. Sometimes I could not believe this after 4 weeks, before he was feeling so bad. After rehabilitation, he was able to do his household again as before. Blood levels had also improved significantly after four weeks. He had completely recovered his courage. After a lymph node was affected, he then had to decide whether to do chemotherapy. He decided against it and continued to take Verway DTX DRINK after 8 weeks, but only 30 ml per day. After 6 months, he had a check-up. Blood levels were within normal range in all categories. He feels fit and healthy ever since. He continued to take Verway DTX DRINK once a day after the check-up. In January, he finally had another check-up. There, the blood levels were even better. The doctor said that he has blood counts like a young person. A fantastic result for him at the age of 76. My dad continues to take Verway DTX DRINK once a day and feels healthy and fit. Thanks a lot, to Verway for this fantastic product!
A short but nice report.
DTX + Aloe Vera juice, a wife's co-worker had poor blood levels and also increased cholesterol and sugar. By taking DTX (which was diluted 10 ml and 100 ml of water) and Aloe Vera drinking juice, all blood levels in the optimal range (after 3 weeks), the doctor can't explain it.
Good morning and nice Sunday, here my experience with detox drink. My mother constantly had a typical sciatica pain and high blood pressure. After taking DTX for about 2 months her blood pressure has normalized, no more medication and the pain in her leg has completely disappeared. And then this! My dad had very serious problems with his prostate, it was so bad that he even had urinary pain and visible blood in the urine. After a month of taking DTX no more blood, no pain. Just unbelievable. He had an appointment with a urologist last week and the doctor could only say wow. My parents are so happy and excited.
Hi, I have to share something sensational. A friend of mine went through hell for the past ten years because of constant cluster headaches. He couldn’t participate in life anymore because he always lived in fear of the next attack. For a quarter of a year he takes aloe Vera drink and since the 14th January our DTX drink. Since the 14th January he only had three light attacks. He says it's like a new life for him. Amazing! I am very happy about this success. If you’ve heard of cluster headaches, you’ll know what I mean!
DTX Drink review: Short and sweet, just awesome.
I take Verway DTX Drink since November 18 and feel noticeably more comfortable. The back pain that plagued me for decades is as good as gone. Only when I do hard physical work it comes back for a short time then goes. My wife and I do not want to be without DTX.
Mr. B. Actually, I also belong to the quiet observers, but today I want to tell you about my success. I have been trying for a long time to lose a few kilos and have tested many diets and diet concepts and most of them have worked properly, but I have never held out long and then the pounds came back quickly. On 07.01.2019 it was time again and I wanted to get rid of a few kilos. But what totally surprised me this time was the speed with which you can lose weight by combining detox with keto and how fit you can be during a diet! I feel like a Duracell bunny.
23.03.19 Mrs. K.
My mother age 77 years has been a diabetes type 2 for some years. As a result, she often has a strange sensation in her toes. When I read the first reports about our DTX, I thought that would be something for my mother. It took some time until I got her ready to take it. In the beginning it tasted horrible, and made excuses pretending to forget taking it. I told her to put it in the bathroom, then she can’t forget so easily, she then took it relatively regularly. Yesterday after 2 bottles of DTX she calls me beaming and says she got her blood test. With the old finding from 10.10.2018 she had a HbA1c value of 7.3. Now with the new findings from 19.03.2019 a HbA1c value of 6.6. She said she did not expect that and she will probably take the DTX further now. Then I asked for her toes and she said that it also got better. I'm very happy.
Ms. P Just visited my parents. They take our DTX since September. At the beginning of 2014 my mother was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. The treatment was successful but without tablets it does not work. Her levels of inflammation in the blood have always been too high and she often had cramps at night. She just told me, "Jenni, my levels of inflammation have not just been minimized, they're just gone, and my thyroid gland has also gotten better, and my cramps that often wake me up are gone as well." We love it - DTX - so much more quality of life
09.05.19 What an amazing report. Thanks to Sascha.
Review. Verway DTX Drink taking Chronic patellar tendon syndrome Hello, one thing in advance: if I did not experience it myself, I would not believe it! DTX is such a brutal weapon, that's all there is to it. I am a performance-oriented football coach and would like to receive a report from one of my soccer players, who played under me until 2.5 years ago. The player, then 21 years, complained again and again about pain in the knee under stress. He could only play and train under strong painkillers. Finally, it was no longer possible to complete the training or the game, as the pain was no longer bearable under Ibu 800. He was then followed by many doctors and knee specialists for treatment and examination. All with the same examination result. The pain would occur under stress again and again, so be chronic. Although it could not make matters worse, the diagnosed patellar tendon syndrome cannot be treated and therefore unfortunately does not play sports or play football anymore. Mind you such a horror diagnosis at the age of 22 years! I finally recommended the DTX to him in February. Just drink it! 1 cap in the morning, it will not hurt you! He also knew that he had nothing left to lose and that he had already tried so much to improve! Unfortunately, until then without success! When I heard today that he not only fully trained again, but also completed his first game over 90 minutes on the weekend, mind you painless (!) Did I ask him for the following interview: David 23 years Student / footballer 1. What are you suffering from? Patella tendinitis. Since when are you having those complaints? For over 2 years. Third Do you take painkillers? If so, and how often? In everyday life, it is mainly without painkillers, in sports (football) I have taken in the first half year before any fast game 800mg Ibuprofen in tablet form. After that, I could no longer exercise my sport because the painkillers were no longer effective. The doctors and knee specialists have diagnosed it as chronic without any prospect of cure. 4th How did you notice the pains in everyday life and sports? The everyday life was mostly normal. But I still had pain during long driving or bus driving. In sports, no pain was usually possible without painkillers. 5th What has changed physically since taking it? I take a dose of DTX every day for 2 months. For this I have a load break of 6 months. For the past 4 weeks, I have been playing football for the first time in 2.5 years and can thus pursue my hobby and my passion again. During the period between January to today, the player has not done anything in parallel, or changed. Therefore, the assumption is very close that the success has arrived through the DTX revenue. Of course, after this result, I assume that he will continue to take DTX. He is in any case totally surprised and can hardly believe it after all the examinations! That not only makes him happy, but me too! We'll see how he continues to do it. and if he'll even score a thank you for Verway! Thanks for this amazing product! Best regards Sascha.
10.06.19. Mrs. S.
Dear DTX Community, A sensational success with DTX warts treatment which happened more by chance. I would like to share this with the group! Since 15th Nov 2018 I’ve been taking DTX drink regularly in recommended dosage (actually just to test for myself for health care reasons and no special ailments). On January 21, I read Mrs. B. helpful post about DTX success with warts and started since then treatment of my verruca with DTX Skin - which I have had for 6 years! Despite multiple classic treatments (tinctures, icing, dermatologist, etc.) wasn’t able to get rid of it until now with DTX. 5 months later, the verruca has gone. This is a small miracle for me! Thank you DTX, Thank you,
Mrs. B.!
03.07.2019 Mrs. R.
I would like to write about how I feel after discontinuing DTX. I took DTX for about 4 months. In the meantime, the sciatic pain has disappeared, as well as the pins & needles crinkles in my arms and legs. My pulse became pretty regular. I have not been taking it for 3 months and yet I have no more pain and the tingling sensation is gone. Only the arthritis comes now and again. I will start another round 2. Let's see if I can get more out of it.
19.07.19 Mrs. Y.
Why the DTX drink & DTX skin is a miracle. My little girl fell yesterday while on the swings directly on her chin. Not only her chin, but also her lip. She was bleeding quite badly. I used the DTX spray on her mouth and chin and within a few hours we could see the result. The bleeding stopped immediately and we were able to take these pictures after 2 hours. No burning and quick pain relief. A must for all housekeepers!
A small report on the DTX drink: An acquaintance of mine has had years of problems with his hip. No one can tell him what the problem really is. After I told him about DTX, he took it because he said that it was worth a try, he usually has severe pain after walking 150 meters. After 2 weeks, he called me and told me that the pain is now minimal. Like everyone, after the first bottle he stopped using it for 2 weeks to see what happens. And now the pain came back. Since then he is a loyal customer who has already recommended it to others. This stuff is just awesome!
My experience with DTX: My blood levels were really low for many years due to countless
chemotherapy. After several months of taking DTX, I now have further improvement of my individual blood values! After not having taken DTX for a few months I panicked, but I was still fine (physically in much better shape than before). My blood value is currently in good condition with my chemo-odyssey. I am glad I was able to get to know about DTX and we wish you a lot of success and thanks.
Thanks to DTX Drink, I have my back pain & the inflammation of my intervertebral discs under control again, after a two-year medical marathon the DTX drink brought the relief to my health difficulties. After taking the third bottle, I can feel better by 180 degrees and I feel fit again. Thank you, Alexander Schmid, for this great product. I love this product and my recovered quality of life. P.S. My skin has also improved significantly, it is much firmer and fresher.
The amazing stories about DTX go on and on.
13.08.2019 Customer review: It's hard for me to explain, but I have to admit that since using DTX Drink, I have no intestinal problems anymore. My chronic bad breath has also gone. At first, I laughed about DTX, but now I am thrilled about it.
Great feedback from an enthusiastic DTX customer! Thank you very much.
Hello, my inflammatory levels ​​were very high for years due to a whole list of diseases. After four months of taking DTX Drink, all levels ​​are in now the normal range, even my doctor, who I've been with since my childhood, was completely amazed. Thank you! Now I start again with my life!
Sincerely, Sarah K.
Such a great enthusiastic dad, I'm very happy. DTX thank you! DTX Drink & Spray rocks. We won! An incredible feeling to see a child laughing. Our daughter has been fighting since she was a few months old with atopic dermatitis. The itchy and partially bleeding areas have spread to the inner thighs and the back of her knees. A swimming pool visit was very rarely possible for us, as the skin itches more than partially bleeds. We went through everything. From cortisone-containing ointments to hospitalization in Munich, especially for children. It did not help... But there is a happy ending and we are incredibly thankful. After 14 days, the affected areas were not so sore and red and the itching has stopped. Something which medicine did not manage after 4 years; we have already completely won the fight after 3 weeks against the itchy spots. We are so HAPPY that there are also natural remedies. Thank you!
Hello Verway DTX, I absolutely have to tell about my success with DTX. I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease more than 2 years ago, after many unsuccessful visits to the doctor, pills and a cure I tried DTX Drink. Now I can say, I'm fine and I have my old life back. THANKS, THANK YOU THANK YOU.
27.09.19 Mrs. Y.​
A DTX report about my mom. It comes so late, because I've honestly shied away from talking about it up to now, because nothing I type here can describe this fear, this helplessness, this heartbreaking feeling. 2017 was a bad year for us. First the stroke of my mother (46 years old) and the first sign of rheumatism from me. On November 19, 2017, my mother did not suspect her stroke. Thankfully, in the next 5 hours after the event, the paralysis on her left side and her mouth were gone. After 5 days intensive care she was allowed to return home. But Mama was not the same anymore. She had constant ear noises, totally limp, could not sit or stand with us for more than 30 minutes. It was just too much for her. In addition, we had this fear she would get another attack, and the fatigue she had was a great burden both for her and for us. After the doctors could not help me on how to help her recover faster, I had this gut feeling and ordered the Aloe Vera Drink & VITA All-in-One Drink in the New Year. You won't believe what happened to her. She really blossomed. The annoying ear noise reduced to a minimum. She was much healthier and could take part in daily life much more. Then when DTX also came on the market she began a cure with it, and her new life began. We as a family have had some quite awful times, because the lust for life for her had just disappeared. The fear of a new stroke and whether she would cope with it or not has made us all totally exhausted. DTX Drink, Aloe Vera Drink and Vita All-in-One have been her daily companions to this day. I am my mom's personal nurse and have not allowed her to ever stop using DTX. Because the DTX gives me personally the security to save her from all these awful things. Now I have learned even more exactly what DTX can do, it's now mandatory for our whole family. DTX is not just a nutritional supplement for us. No, DTX is the elixir of life for us, our security and our future. Today, my mother has neither ear noises nor suffers from tiredness, or fatigue. On the contrary, she is fitter than ever before. We owe a lot to these products, because without them I do not know how my mother would be today. Thank you VERWAY for these wonderful products!
My "roots" are now with Verway and will remain with me. Through you and your amazing products like the DTX drink of Mr. Alexander Schmid or the numerous Aloe Vera products, I have gotten my life back again despite a serious "life-threatening" disease and I want to thank you now because I had given up 2 years ago with the medical diagnosis from my doctor. Then I came across you through my partner. From the 8th November 2019 my whole life changed anew. The courage & faith to live came to me again. I just couldn't give up and become a bystander and just continue to live as before. It's not what I wanted. Since then I noticed the effect DTX has had on me and that's also what the doctor confirms with every monthly blood test. THANKS, AND THANK YOU, JUST THANK YOU. YOU ARE THE BEST. MY PATH IS V E R W A Y!
Hello, today is the 2nd week since I was with Alexander Schmid at the DTX Intensive Seminar and I've been taking DTX Drink all the time. What can I say, I'm still pain free. When I think that I went from doctor to doctor for 5 years and no one could tell me why I always had leg pain. The solution was so easy. I can only recommend DTX Drink to everyone with pain.

05.11.19 Mr H. 
New great feedback about our blockbuster DTX. Thanks to Mr H.  
My ACE scores and my calcium levels were greatly increased at the onset of my Sarcoidosis Disease in 2016, and thanks to the DTX drink I've been taking since summer 2017, these have values ​​normalized again. I will never forget the enthusiatic voice of my Pulmonologist. I myself was speechless and that is very rare. I am also proud that I have experienced it first hand. THANK YOU Jürgen Müller for telling me about Verway. Thansk to Ilhan Dogan for Verway, Thank you Helena Löwenstein for everthing you do for us, and thanks Mr. DTX Alexander Schmid.
Great feedback about our blockbuster Drink DTX. Hi VERWAY, I am really pleased about my experiences with the DTX drink. I've been drinking it since 3 months and my skin is flawless and I feel like a new person. My muscles are no longer hurting and I have become really mobile again. My sleep has become more deep and shorter, I just feel terrific. Greetings from an enthusiastic customer. Fritz (69 years).
Great feedback about our DTX, first had doubts and now totally excited. Water of life!
Ciao, I got the DTX drink from my daughter for my birthday. At first I thought, ok, meaningless gift but of course meant to be sweet. Now I know that she saved my life with it. The growths and polyps in my gut have tottaly dissolved into thin air, even the inflammation levels are according to my doc almost back to normal. Many thanks to my daughter and also to Verway, for this ingenious product :) Greetings from Wuppertal, Ernst - 59 years.

Great feedback on rheumatism, skin problems and heartburn - thank you! Water of life.
Hello, for years I have had heartburn, rheumatic complaints and very blemished skin. I've been drinking DTX now for 6 weeks and they have all gone away. Thanks for this amazing product. I wish the Verway team and they all the best. Astrid

Hello Verway DTX, first of all I would like to say that you are terrific. I have had problems with my intestinal flora and therefore extreme problems with my skin for years, I came to DTX on the recommendation of a Verway partner. After 2 weeks I noticed the first improvements, after 3 months I had skin like I used to have in childhood. An insane thank you!

And again an excellent report from a satisfied customer. Hello Verway-DTX, you are welcome to post my very positive experience. Since the reintroduction of DTX I immediately bought the so called magic potion and wanted to see what is going on in my body. Now after the 3rd bottle I have to confess that I am completely amazed. My sleep problems have completely abated, I'm more relaxed than usual, hardly irritable and my ailments on my knees, back and elbows are completely gone. My family too, especially my husband, says that I look a lot fresher than a few weeks ago. I am thrilled with DTX, a big thank you. Best regards, Marlene.

Got another bottle of DTX drink for Christmas from my nephew. The first time, he gave it to my for my birthday. Since then my life has changed so much for the better. I thank the initiators and the makers for this great product and wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Thank you for this product! All the best

I got your DTX Drink for Christmas ... I can only say AMAZING and hard to believe how well I now am. Just awesome.
Hello everyone, I have had extreme bowel problems for years and my inflammation levels ​​were beyond bad. So I am all the more amazed that according to my doctor I now have values ​​like a 25 year old. I am so very happy to finally be able to lead a comfortable life again, my doctors had already comforted me that it can never get better. Thanks to Verway for this phenomenal product. Sven 60 years

Here is my experience with DTX and Haschimoto. I have had an underactive thyroid since I was 18. This was treated with iodine tablets. In my mid 20s I found that I suffered from chronical form of the thyroid under function "Haschimoto". 6 months ago I found that I no longer have a Haschimoto! In conventional medicine, Haschimoto is considered an incurable disease that must always be treated with tablets. Thanks to DTX Drink I am now "healed". I have been drinking 30ml a day since DTX drink. (approx. 1 1/2 years). I still drink it every day and never want to be without it again!
My experience with DTX leaves me speechless. I have had a hellish headache in the morning when I get up for 6 years. I always needed at least 1 hour to start the day slowly. It was not uncommon for me to take painkillers so I could function again. Nobody could help me. I've been drinking DTX for 7 weeks now, and I've been completely symptom-free in the morning for 5 weeks. And the great thing is that my skin has also improved considerably. 

28.01.20 Mr. M.
Another report about all our products in health and nutrition! I use DTX Drink up to 3 times a day, All in One once a day, Aloe Drink 3 times a day! When active with sport the Energize drink and afterwards the Repower, and the Focus, when I really need concentration! These products are awesome and help me in my everyday life and I really feel like a different person! I'm sleeping much better and I have so much energy during the day! No matter how hard the training is in sport, with the energize and repower, I can do it all! The DTX has reduced my high blood pressure and my blood values ​​are top! Anyone can recommend these products easily because they work immediately and they're just amazing!

This story gets under your skin. DTX rocks!
Dear DTX team, after an infinite number of chemotherapies, my body and especially the blood values ​​were so broken and drained that I often didn't even have the strength to get dressed.
My daughter told me about DTX, that it was a miracle water, because her partner also took it which made his rheumatism considerably better, and even became symptom-free. After reading a lot of the reports on Facebook I decided to give it a try and after 3 months I feel terrific and I also had my blood ​​analyzed. Amazingly my family doctor found that my blood values ​​are as good as if I had never been ill. I still can't believe it's helped me so much. I am just flabbergasted and happy, this product is a gift from God that I will definitely never want to do without, I can't describe it any other way. Best wishes from an enthusiastic user.
09.02.2020 Viktor 42 years old. 
What a great success story about our DTX Drink. Since 2006 I have had heartburn and intestinal complaints, blemished skin and I felt sluggish every day. According to stool samples, I knew that there were many bacteria in my intestines that actually don't belong there, or shouldn't be there in this concentrated amount. After several months of antibiotic treatment, my intestinal flora and my immune system were pretty bad. Since November I have been taking DTX Drink with additional help for intestinal bacteria, and lo and behold, after 3 months I have optimal intestinal values, clean skin and the heartburn was gone after just 3 days of taking DTX. My tiredness was also gone after 2 weeks. Thank you for the brilliant product. Viktor, 42 years from Rostock.

I am happy to tell you about my experience with DTX, I have had Chrohn's disease for over 5 years, which made my life extremely difficult. People suffering from Crohn's disease know what I'm writing about. Accompanying symptoms were areas of inflammation throughout the body and pain from head to toe. There was also a very impure skin. For 4 months now I have a wonderful new attitude to life and my complaints are BLOWN AWAY! I can only recommend it and thank you with all my heart. PS: I've been taking it regularly for about 5 months now. Sunny greetings from Gütersloh. Maggy.
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